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Now you can too. The Reboot with Joe Juicing Certification Program will transform your personal passion for wellness, a plant-based lifestyle and juicing into a mission to help others find improved health, better energy, more restful sleep, and the weight loss they may have thought impossible.

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Making a difference.

As a celebrated health and wellness leader Joe Cross inspires others to get healthy and lose weight through juicing and a plant based diet. His film "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" has been seen by 25 million people and ignited a juicing movement.

Take Your Passion to the Next Level

Who Should take this Course?

This course was developed for individuals with a passion for wellness, plant based eating and a desire to help others lead a healthy life. The course is designed to be challenging, but does not assume any prior nutrition or medical experience or education.

The World Needs you

Be part of the movement to combat diabetes, obesity. Help clients successfully overcome health issues and, make a difference in their lives.

Study anywhere, anytime!

The course is delivered online providing a 24/7 portable environment that allows you to learn wherever and whenever you like. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone and an internet connection.



As a result of completing our Juicing Certification you will:

• Understand plant-based nutrition, including juice for improving health and for safe weight loss and management.

• Go in-depth to learn key principles of a “Reboot,” which employs the proven benefits of plant-based eating, along with juicing, as an effective and doable plan that can be easily customized for clients.

• Learn how to work with clients to address specific issues and customize a weight-loss plan, and learn how to interact, encourage, and empathize with clients.

Meet your Instructors the Reboot Nutritionists


Stacy Kennedy



Isabel Smith



Claire Georgiou



Abigail Hueber


The Course

The online Juicing Certification course consists of 6 main parts, corresponding supporting documents and a quiz. Material is delivered via 23 video presentations from experienced Reboot nutritionists (that’s more than 8 hours of content to enjoy). You’ll also receive a printed copy of all course materials, along with a copy of the “Reboot with Joe Juice Diet” book.

Module 1: Basics of a plant-based diet

• Comparisons to a standard American diet

• How to interpret food labels, and what certifications mean

• Structuring a quality plant-based diet

• Benefits and properties of a plant-based diet

Module 2: Plant-based foods in the body

• Macronutrients and hydration

• Understanding nutrient absorption

• Micronutrients, phytonutrients and electrolytes

• Vitamins and supplements vs food

Module 3: Juice 101

• Juice as part of a plant-based diet

• Preparing juice: Equipment, produce, prep work

• Balancing nutrient profile of juices

• Tailoring juices for special health needs and athletes

Module 4: The Reboot

• The Reboot and how it works

• How and why it works for weight loss and improved health

• How to plan and implement a Reboot with a client

Module 5: Additional Reboot Benefits

• Using a Reboot to identify food sensitivities

• Incorporating exercise

Module 6: Coaching a Client

• Finding potential clients and promoting yourself

• Basics of working with a new client

• Working around individual concerns and issues

• When to refer a client to a medical professional or specialist

• Promoting overall healthy eating



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